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Theresa May If follows a string of scandals which claimed the scalps of former cabinet members Damian Green, Sir Michael Fallon and Priti Patel. Theresa May has ordered her ministers to read the revamped document. The ministerial code of conduct was introduced by John Major in 1992 and has gone through several updates, usually in response to scandals. The last version online shopping sites for electronics was published by history of online shopping Mrs May in December 2016. Since then, Sir Michael Fallon has quit as defence secretary after allegations of improper advances towards female journalists. Last month Mr Green was asked to quit as First Secretary of State after he was judged to have breached the ministerial code by making "inaccurate and misleading" statements over what he knew about claims pornography was found on his office computer in 2008. The new code spells out, for the first time, that "harassing, bullying or other inappropriate or discriminating behaviour wherever it takes place is not consistent with the Ministerial Code and will not be tolerated". Ms Patel resigned as international development secretary in November after failing to report meetings with Israeli government officials during a private holiday in the country. The incident has led to a new section in the ministerial code, which says: "If a minister meets an external organisation or individual and finds themselves discussing official business without an official present - for example at a social occasion or on holiday - any significant content should be passed back to the department as soon as possible after the event". Ministers can continue to sit as MPs if they have been fired online clothes shopping websites from the cabinet or other departmental job and the new rules do not apply to backbenchers or members of opposition parties.


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