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Forensic lab The National Police Chiefs Council said it had secured extra funding. The government's Forensic Science Service was closed in 2012 . Since the closure, forensic science work has been carried out by private firms and police laboratories This is the third time in two years that serious concerns have been raised about the work, following critical reports from the National Audit Office and MPs on the Science and Technology Committee . 'Minimum standards' In her second annual report, Dr Tully said the main challenge to achieving quality forensic science had been financial, and called on police forces and the Legal Aid Agency to make more funding available. Funding "must be at a level that enables the standards to be met," she said. "Otherwise we will face the costs, both in criminal justice terms and financially, of quality failures and loss of confidence in forensic science." She cited "concerning" contamination-related issues in police custody and at Sexual Assault Referral Centres, which provide support for alleged victims of rape and sexual assault. She said a rape investigation had been "compromised" after samples taken from an alleged victim were found to be contaminated with DNA from an unrelated case. An inquiry is under way. She said there was a timetable for forensic science activities within policing to comply with the regulator's code of practice. But she said not all police forces were "fully committed" to reaching the required standards, with some failing to recognise the impact of failures in the area. "The standards are not an unachievable 'gold-plated' ideal - they are the minimum standards expected of any reliable forensic science," she said.